Tantalise your tastebuds

Over 26.9% of the UK is classed as obese. Fuelled by a reliance on over processed food & large portions sizes we’re now seen as the most obese nation in Europe.

When we add to that our over reliance on medication, does it come as any surprise that we’re becoming bigger and suffering from more disease than ever?

The Willow believes the dinner plate is the foundation to better health and eating a rainbow of fruit and veg everyday is like flinging open the door to nature’s medicine cabinet.  Our tastebuds were tickled so we got involved.

Through our virtual agency network we provided an end to end service from menu consultation, through to design and marketing.

A fully responsive website was designed and built to create appetite appeal.  Showcasing all that The Willow has to offer, whilst providing education in a non preachy way.

Designed to appeal to both the health challenged and those that love good food but can’t quite believe that good food can also taste good.


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Nutrinity Wellness

Part of the Nutrinity Wellness Group:

The Willow: Naturally Enriched Food & Drink

Irrefutable Health: Natural Enriched Health

Bluesky Connexions: Naturally Enriched Learning


All with one common goal…naturally enriching everyday lives.

Creating appetite appeal

Beautiful menu boards were created out of sustainable wood to allow for menus to be changed seasonally whilst maintaining one look and feel, building on the locally sourced, sustainability message the restaurant promotes.

Clean living

A range of icons were created to allow the health conscious and health challenged to eat without fear.  Knowing that what they were putting in their mouths was good fuel for their health

We didn’t just stop at food, a range of inspiring drinks were also created from home infused spirits & bio-dynamic wines to direct trade coffee

Hard to believe that good for you can also taste so good.