Explore Rockpool's rebrand

Private Company Investing can be a minefield. Many potential investors won’t consider investing due to a lack of understanding in the market.

It’s also highly competitive.  Investors using the same language, the same dull imagery… making it difficult to stand out.

Rockpool’s model is very different from the rest. Built from understanding how the passion and dedication of entrepreneurs could offer investors an opportunity for significant return on their capital.

Rockpool approached us to create a platform and brand that could stand out and engage potential investors whilst being sympathetic to the reservations.

We created a brand that would resonate with investors and build on the uniqueness of the opportunity. ‘Craftsmanship‘ was created.  A specialist series of images highlighting the craftsmanship and skills it takes behind the business, allowing us to intricately showcase the passion & dedication each business demonstrates.

A new strapline – Private Company Investment Specialists continued the theme so that investors understood not only were they investing in specialist companies, but that Rockpool were also specialists in their craft.

ClientRockpool Investments
SkillsBrand development

A new logo

Rockpool connects profitable private companies with savvy investors. Adding value beyond investment.
We used the ‘oo’ in Rockpool as a visual tool to show connectivity of two entities.   

Investor brochures

A range of specialist brochures were created highlighting key Rockpool’s services and products which were used at investor events and by Relationship Managers to initiate potential investors & IFA’s.

It was important that the brochures looked sophisticated and worthy of a high net worth investment. 

Responsive website

We created a fully responsive website with a dual strategy. Efficiency on a desktop and an app like mobile experience

Tailored headers communicated key messages and benefits of private company investing. 

Live opportunities were shown quickly with core information to encourage investor interaction. A range of brochures and factsheets were utilised in lead generation activity to gain interest.