Nuzest. Nutrition for life.

Consumed by 1 in 4 people, sports nutrition food and drink usage is surprisingly widespread, despite its specific function as supporting sports and fitness.

Sales are booming and at the heart of this, is the widespread appeal, expanding beyond the small pool of the elite sportspeople and gym fans.  Worth over £414m and ever growing.

Whey protein and vitamin supplements are still leading the charge, however the new breed of health fanatics are demanding cleaner products which is where our client comes in.  Fuelling the charge in feel good nutrition.

The Australians are renowned for their healthy lifestyle’s, fuelling their bodies the right way. That’s why we couldn’t resist working with this feel good nutrition brand UK launch.



SkillsBrand launch

Social media targeting

4 week niche social media campaign targeting those that would benefit most from the product

Users were sent to a tailored landing page with an article related to the ad.  For example. Bikram Yoga.  Most yogi’s think that by fuelling their bodies with the water lost during their yoga session they’ve replenished their bodies. This couldn’t be further from the truth.  We educated them as to the importance and benefits of protein/vitamin supplements straight after their session.

Yoga centre’s were also approached to stock product prior to the campaign going live to ensure a holistic launch and a partnership with Vita Coco coconut water was also struck.

Trade advertising

Ads were placed in key trade publications either building on a seasonal message i.e. Christmas or a key product message to drive home that this product was a cut about the rest.

The results… a wider range of Nuzest products stocked and sold through due to the education.

Promoting good health

More and more people are taking to the outdoors to get healthy.  Parks are starting to build outdoor gyms and bootcamps are all the rage.

We decided to create a geo tagged campaign where users would find random challenges along their route i.e. do 10 incline press ups, allowing potential consumers to get the most out of their workout.

Users were encouraged to share pictures of their workouts with a #poweredbynuzest ensuring they were connected to the brand.

QR codes linked back to product site for more information.