A shared experience

At a time where brands were socially shy we helped Mentos be one of the first brands to run and on-pack promotion which could only be fulfilled through social engagement on Facebook. With only 36,000 followers so it looked like we might be taking a risk, but it was one that paid dividends. 

Several promotions later. Mentos now has a global following of 13m, including a  loyal following of regular contributors.

A brand that has truly captured the essence of social media. 

SkillsSocial marketing

Hidden treasures

A unique on-pack code gave consumers access to the Mentos Island Treasure Map. The location of the prizes changed every day, with 3 attempts to pin your flag on a prize.

Borrowing from the famous hot or cold game, each flag would tell you if you were hot, warm or cold… you were encouraged to boost your chances of winning by sharing your map with a friend who could use the flag locations to get their 3 flags closer.

The campaign caught on quickly and followers increased daily.

Keeping it fresh

Daily social vouchers were created to maintain a high win rate,  which could then be redeemed in-store off product.