General Mining & Metallurgical Company

LARCO is the largest ferronickel producer in Europe and one of the 5 largest ferronickel producers in the World. LARCO is engaged in the exploration, development, mining, smelting and marketing of its products globally.

In the past, LARCO had many different departments in different locations, with different functions, each working in different directions. For LARCO to realise its ambitions, unity and a common vision was essential, and it had to be clearly articulated to the staff, customers and stakeholders.

Bright Blue where able to provide a bespoke team of researchers, copy writers, designers, photographers, translators and project management to help facilitate the changes ahead.

Digging deep
The first challenge was to carry out a detailed research programme enabling us to get a clear picture of internal attitudes towards LARCO.

Therefore Consulting was commissioned to carry out a series of workshops, in Greece, designed to engage staff and nurture their support for change. The results were used to develop a branding and communication strategy for the company underpinned by the new brand vision of ‘Mediterranean passion, Worldwide view’.

Providing a springboard for the future
The new identity is optimistic, bright, modern whilst classically elegant. The symbol represents the process of transformation, from raw material to refined product, but the identity is just the start of building brand recognition.

We worked with Thanassis Stavrakis, a local photographer to produce a portfolio of engaging images which could be used for all communication material. We then developed a detailed set of guidelines, in Greek and English, with clear instructions on how to maintain a consistent brand impression, covering everything from stationery to monster trucks.