The clients aim was to get people active and map the results. Our aim was to create a cool brand and develop the technology which would be adopted by schools and be worn by the kids.

The wristbands are at the heart of the framework and are an attractive ‘wearable technology’, particularly for school age children. Using NFC chip technology, these waterproof silicon bands provide the identity link for each participant and are key to the speed of processing event results.

They can be worn in all sorts of events, from track and field to other distance events on the road, in the park or in the pool. The App processes all sorts of timed events, measured jumping and throwing events or scoring tests and can be used to host simultaneous events in different parts of the world in synchronised virtual events!

The free to download App uploads events to our website to provide local and national leaderboards. Challenges can be created via the App to inspire children and adults of all ages to participate.

Sponsorship of the bands and events is encouraged in order to help raise funds for the schools who participate. So everyone benefits and becomes more healthy in the process.

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